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Do you know who you’re hiring?
What are the implications of not knowing? Look below...

53% Lie
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53% of resumes contain outright lies.

Source: resume falsification statistics
75% Steal
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75% of employees steal from their company; half of these are in management positions.

Source: employee theft statistics
67.9% of Drug Users
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67.9% of drug users are employed. Taking 3 times more sick days and 10 times more likely to steal.

Source: pre-employment drug testing statistics
25 Years of Proof
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25 years of data shows the dark side of employees. Once theft starts it becomes habitual, an expensive clock ticking, leaking your money.

We Can Help You

Get people who fit the job better

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Using industry standard psychometric testing we assess the personality of the candidate and their aptitude for a given type of work. Pick those who will be happier and more productive because they are a natural fit for the job.

Identify the most honest applicants

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See early warnings for the potential of theft, unreliability and other dangers.

Cut the effort of processing job applications

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Free yourself from the effort and paperwork of hiring using our mobile or desktop app. Get the few best candidates for your final face-to-face interview.

Big company interview methods with small business pricing

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Our methods are commonly used by multinationals to hire staff. We deliver this service at low cost, in plain English, to make it accessible to small businesses.

If having honest, productive and balanced staff is worth 50 cents to your business then

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We offer service worldwide

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