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Email cb895ae3aacf346ee6a97ea6d8d7116b8b60e6b4f9be83b8853dcc2fd657fc9d Contact your candidate via email and text message
Application 8b10870089ae552553de7dfd18643c42677d596044a65893446accb3125dbeb2 Get the Candidate to enter their details and complete their application form
Character analysis d1aa04115c5a695e1fd25595732e798c1fb8e4360d63e97ebf8de6b967759c5a Provide basic character analysis
Danger 499935c122a7022c9cc648355ab44d790aef9a4593e804682e7c78e2f265fc22 Quantify the danger traits such as sociopathy, lack of integrity, addictive personality and anger
Skills fb0284b3e045327b5b76af987adeeaee2ca67723d1eaf3d2380806be89629cc9 Identify the candidate's likely skills, strengths and weaknesses
Reject 8f0a4474a72eb5d90326a54013f526345b427af54c9e84fd1dd7728a9d3f0b84 Inform rejected candidates for you
Shortlist a8bed7fc0935646ae886dd9b658aa18ebcab8523c6af4362a46072b18d089317 Shortlist the winners for your final personal interviews, keeping their records for your future requirements

All this means while we deal with the paperwork you make an informed decision to help get an honest, productive and balanced member of staff.

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